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At EMIRAT, we've got the answers to your industry challenge!

A risk transfer specialist, EMIRAT helps it’s clients employ managed risk to create positive change in their businesses. Whether it's increasing sales, incentivising staff or building awareness, EMIRAT has solutions for your business.


Creating positive change

By managing the associated financial risk we enable you to create impactful and positive offers, incentives and rewards. Maybe that’s removing the risk of high participation in a marketing campaign, covering a large lottery jackpot win, or funding a bonus payment triggered by sporting performance. Whatever the case, you can be confident that the costs we provide are set in stone.
No uncertainty, just positive changes ahead!


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We use different degrees of mathematics, behavioural science and profiling to assess and calculate each financial risk.



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Working with specialist contingency Underwriters around the world, we discharge our clients from the variable costs of the campaign, game or incentive for an agreed fee, ensuring it never costs you more than your budget.




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Our experience enables us to offer not only insightful input into ways to make your concept affordable but also how to make it the best possible offer it can be!

BIC Testimonials

With EMIRAT assuming the risk, we have successfully been able to achieve the aim of increasing sales and awareness of one of our core product ranges.

BIC UK and Ireland

BIC Testimonial
Tribe Lotto Testimonial

EMIRAT are more than just a supplier, we have found a partner. Agility and flexibility in their approach as well as the precise professional analysis on our special business need, paved a natural path to our agreement.

Tribe Lotto

Tribe Lotto Testimonial

Gatherwell Testimonial

EMIRAT provide an extremely efficient, reliable and competitive service. A big organisation with a flexible and personal approach. Our partner of choice.

Gatherwell Ltd

Gatherwell Testimonial


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