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Game changing coverage


Offer the chance to win BIG without the reliance on revenue to fund your jackpots! EMIRAT will help you drive people to play without the financial risks that can jeopardize your bottom line. In short, we provide affordable ways to provide unaffordable prizes!


Whether you are a Casino, or Lottery operator, the aim is always the same;
acquire players, retain them and most importantly, increase revenues.

It’s not enough to offer huge jackpots to get people’s attention though. What happens if you don’t have
sufficient revenues to fund these life changing sums? How do you afford these Jackpots in the event of a win?

What about if you are trying to invigorate interest or enthusiasm in a particular game or area of the casino;
how do you bring players in when and where you need them?


lottery chips

The key is in the behaviour


We are a specialist provider of financial risk management solutions that influence player behaviour.
We will work with you to devise the best standalone game or enhancement to meet your objectives and budget.
Whether that’s encouraging loyalty, enticing new players or both.


EMIRAT then covers the prize money so that the organiser does not bear any budgetary risk in the event of a win.
Not only does this enable you to stretch your budget beyond what you could realistically afford,
it frees you from the model of revenue derived jackpots or prizes.



Flexible pricing

Our coverage can be arranged as a one off fee or on a price per play model. In either case, should there
be a winner, this will not bear any additional impact on your available budget.
Giving you all of the rewards and none of the risk!

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Because our coverage solutions are tailored to your individual requirements, you can be ever more creative with how you offer your games. We can even input into ways to make your concept the best possible game it can be.

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Our involvement can be as little or as much as you need. Where necessary, we can manage any required printing, the supply of equipment, materials or software needed to operate the game. We can even provide security and oversight through our Underwriter approved suppliers.

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EMIRAT’s coverage and specially designed risk managed products are backed by our Underwriting partners who are all triple A rated. So you can be assured there will always be an ability to pay a jackpot win, no matter the value.


Discover more about the specific games and enhancements below



Our coverage solutions are tailored to your individual requirements so you can be ever more creative with how you offer your games.

Table games

Table games

Encourage loyalty to a particular game whilst enticing new players.

Scratch cards

Scratch cards

EMIRAT will work with you to create a Scratch Card game with a spectacular headline and a prize pool covered by our coverage solutions.

Jackpot guarantees

Jackpot guarantees

EMIRAT’s jackpot guarantee is the perfect way to maintain consistency of play, even immediately after a big Jackpot win.