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Jackpot guarantees

Jackpot guarantees

Attract players to specific games with enticing jackpots, which don't drop in value, even immediately after a win! We understand that a drop in value, equals a drop in interest, which ultimately results in a drop in play.

The prize fund on a lot of casino or odds based games is generally linked to the revenue derived from that particular game. Therefore it doesn’t come as any surprise, that when there is a jackpot winner on a particular game, continued play on that game drops considerably until the jackpot is of an enticing size again.

EMIRAT's 100% financial coverage of a guaranteed jackpot is the perfect way to avoid any lack of interest or enthusiasm in that particular game or area of the casino due to the recent Jackpot win. More importantly, coverage can be turned on or off depending on revenue generated on the game, so when you have generated sufficient revenue to cover the jackpot yourselves, EMIRAT's coverage will turn off, ultimately saving you money on jackpot coverage.

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