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Positive marketing solutions


We enable you to deliver events and promotions that create impact and drive consumers
to purchase without the financial risks that can jeopardize your bottom line.
In short, we provide affordable ways to provide unaffordable rewards!


You run promotions and campaigns
to stand out from the crowd

However, every time a consumer participates in your promotion
or redeems your offer, generally its costs you money.

Just how many consumers will bother to participate?
Have you budgeted enough to pay for all that redeem?





Your biggest challenge is managing the budget


Promotions such as coupons, cash backs, instant wins, and gift with purchases can increase sales
and raise brand awareness. They can also build loyalty, increase the frequency or weight of purchase, combat
competitor activity or even encourage trial of a new product.

But… they can also be very costly if participation is high!


The reality is, no matter how experienced you are at running promotions,
you can never be 100% certain how many people will take advantage of your offer
and so generally your budget is based on a best guess.

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Fixed fee

Fixed fee is a cover EMIRAT provides to companies against promotions that have high take up
or high redemption, sometimes referred to as over redemption because its ‘over’ the anticipated
response level. EMIRAT's Fixed Fee covers against over redemption and is all that you will pay,
regardless of the success of the promotion or campaign.

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Because you are only charged for what we think will be claimed, you only pay a small fraction of the potential cost of the prizes and rewards. This enables you to offer more or larger rewards for the same budget.


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We can not only input into ways to make your concept affordable but also how to make it the best possible offer it can be! In addition, We are continuously developing new ways to use managed promotional risk to create exciting promotions.


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Full project management is included in our service. We take responsibility for all aspects of the promotion, including handling and fulfilment and liaising with suppliers, whilst providing a central billing point.



Discover more about the specific promotion types below

Cash back

Cash back

Cash backs enable you to discount your product without devaluing your brand, whist influencing buying decisions.


Prize promotions

The opportunity to win big can really make a promotion stand out and create a lot of excitement.

Sports promotions

Sports promotions

Sports around the world not only captivate audiences, they are also a fantastic marketing opportunity.

Social media promotions

Social media promotions

Use social media in a completely different way. Consumers can now participate in a promotion using social media as an entry route.



Money off and free product coupons are a proven and successful way of encouraging trial or repeat purchase!

Redemption promotions

Redemption promotions

Creatively promote loyalty and drive more frequent purchasing patterns, whilst staying within your budget.

Conditional reward

Conditional reward

The basic concept of a conditional reward is that if something specific occurs - the reward is triggered!