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Conditional reward

conditional reward

The basic concept of a conditional reward is that if something specific occurs - the reward is triggered. In contrast with an instant win though, everyone wins, not just a select or lucky few. This can be a powerful message, especially if the reward is significant.

The triggers for the reward can be a number of different things from the outcome of a sporting tournament for example to product breakdowns or failures. How about specific weather conditions such as sun or snow on a particular day, or even a certain amount of rain fall?!

Not only can conditional rewards add greater excitement and interest to your next promotion, they can also enable you to stretch your budget to its maximum. Through the use of managed promotional risk EMIRAT can show you how to offer big, almost unaffordable rewards for a fraction of the potential cost.




Reliability guarantee


Reliability guarantee


Maybe you are suffering the effects of a product recall and want to restore consumer confidence. Maybe you are launching a new product and want to prove you are as good, if not better, than the competition. Whatever your objective, make a big brand statement with a reliability guarantee.


The promotion leverages the products warranty to really inspire consumers and drive sales by offering the consumer a full refund should they have to claim on the products warranty.



Let is snow


Let it snow


Everybody loves a white Christmas! It's nostalgic, romantic even, and adds an ironically warm feeling to that special time of year. As a promoter, you would do anything to tap into those feelings and ultimately associate them with your brand in the hearts and minds of your consumers. Imagine then, offering your product or service for free if it snows on Christmas Day?!


It will grab people's attention, creating a unique standout for your company in an already hectic shopping period and leave your competitors out in the cold! More importantly though, it will boost your sales in the lead up to Christmas and convince consumers to buy now rather than wait for the January sales.




Your team wins, you win!


Your team wins, you win!


Whether you are a sports fan or not, you can’t help but get caught up in the anticipation and excitement surrounding a national or international tournament. If your products represent a high ticket purchase, why not offer your customers their money back if a specific team or individual wins the final?!


That is not to say that other products cannot run such a promotion too, you could perhaps offer a high value prize in place of a refund or even small prizes as a team or individual progresses through each stage of the tournament. You could even offer a small prize each time a goal, try or six is scored!

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