Can you crack the code?

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Play I-VAULT on Tablet

Portable and Versatile

The I-VAULT is an online game that can be played on a tablet by turning the dial as you would a safe dial or by dragging the curser with your finger.

It can also be played on a laptop or desktop by clicking and dragging the mouse curser to move the dial.

Play I-VAULT on Laptop or Desktop
Multi Device Play Within a Single Game

Multi-Device Play Within a Single Game

As the I-VAULT is centrally controlled with real time data streams, it can not only be played across a multitude of devices such as tablets, laptops and desktops, they can also participate in the same game.

Players are not only competing against the game itself to ‘crack the code’ they are also competing against each other!

Fully Insured Jackpots

The I-VAULT jackpots are fully insured through our Underwriting partners and can be tailored to any budget.  Different code lengths, tiered prizes and even spot prizes can also be added as additional options to help build excitement and generate more PR opportunities for your brand.

Fully Insured Jackpots
Multiple branding opportunities with I-VAULT

Multiple Branding Possibilities

Whether provisioned on a tablets, laptops, desktops or all three, there are multiple branding options available to various parts within the game, meaning the game is effectively your brands to the end player.

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