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Creating sports improvement


EMIRAT can help improve every commercial aspect of your business,
whilst incentivising your players or athletes to new levels of performance and achievement.
In short, we provide affordable ways to provide unaffordable results!


Regardless of your sport or discipline, you want to compete
with the best both in a sporting and financial sense

To do this you need to attract and retain the best talent without breaking the bank. You also need to ensure your finances are sustainable and protected from any downside.

Fan base engagement and attendance is crucial to your income but how do you capitalise on their support?




Take your performance to the next level


Whether that’s in the negotiation of player contracts through performance bonuses. Or the increase of ticket or memorabilia sales through marketing and conditional rewards. Or even the acquisition and retention of sponsors through leveraging and rewards incentives.


We help our clients identify, price and cover risk to help protect your budgets, build income and inspire results.






Fixed pricing

Know exactly what you are paying at the outset. Our easy to budget, fixed pricing is mere fractions of the potential liability and is all you will pay regardless of the success of your incentives, rewards or sporting performance.
Giving you all of the desired results and none of the risk!


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We combine our years of experience to provide creative, comprehensive and competitively priced solutions, which change behaviour and achieve your objectives.



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EMIRAT’s coverage and specially designed risk managed products are backed by our Underwriting partners who are all triple A rated. So you can be assured there will always be an ability to pay, no matter the result.



Discover more about the specific solutions below

Performance bonus

Performance bonus

Arrange performance bonus cover to cover bonuses paid to a professional team or individual.

Revenue protection

Revenue protection

Employ managed risk to protect against loss of income because of poor sporting performance.