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GOLD BAR is an exciting collection of sporting challenges from EMIRAT, designed to create an electrifying match day atmosphere. Fans are chosen at random and given the opportunity to kick to win an amazing cash prize.

A GOLD BAR challenge is a fantastic way to drive attendance, increase match day revenue, build fan interaction and create positive club and sponsor associations. Whether it’s used to support a celebratory match day occasion or boost a ‘flat’ period, a GOLD BAR challenge will create the excitement you are looking for.



The challenges



Cross bar challenge


Cross bar challenge


Each contestant will be given a single kick from the half way line in an attempt to hit the crossbar. Should they do so, they will win the prize! No practice shots will be permitted and the ball must strike the crossbar before bouncing.



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Three ball challenge


Each contestant will be given three kicks from 25 yards. They must attempt to hit each post and finally the crossbar. They will be awarded a smaller cash prize for each post or bar hit and the full prize should they hit all three. No practice shots will be permitted and the ball must strike the post/crossbar before bouncing.



Drop kick


Drop kick


Each contestant will attempt to drop kick the ball from 50 yards in to a container or even through a car sunroof to win the car. No practice shots will be permitted and the ball must go into the container or through the sunroof without bouncing.


How it works


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Fans are invited to text their seat number and email address to the promotional short code on entering the ground and during the first half. Alternatively, entry can be automatic upon entry to the ground and contestants can be selected by randomly picking seat numbers.




At half time we will select three contestants at random from the entries received or by picking seat numbers at random. These contestants will be advised by the stadium announcer to seek the nearest steward and will be then escorted down on to the pitch.




We take care of everything! We provide 100% coverage for every kick, meaning that if there’s a winner, EMIRAT pay the prize money! Not only that, we provide set up and management of the entry route provide full event project management and oversee the running of the contest on the day.



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What's in it for the club?

As well the increased attendance, match day revenue and the good feeling within your fan base, you will be able to build a useful marketing database from the entry data, something tangible to use again and for other purposes. The prize money can even be split, so the club or its associated charities can benefit from a win. Imagine your fans competing to win you a transfer fee for example?!

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What's in it for the fans?

Imagine the feeling of coming down onto the pitch on match day and kicking the ball to win a life changing cash prize! How exciting and memorable, a dream come true! All the fun is in the participation and win or not, how many can say they got to step out on to the pitch in front of a packed crowd?!

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