The Brief.

Blue Nun wanted to use a simple mechanic to engage participation in a Christmas Market Winning Moments promotion.

The promotion offered consumers the chance to win 5 x 2 night trips to Cologne Christmas Markets, 500 x £25 pre-paid payment cards and 50 x cases of Blue Nun wine.

How Entry Worked.

Entry was via Facebook whereby, consumers visited the Blue Nun Facebook page and sent a private message containing a unique reference number found on the wine neck collar, together with their contact details.

What S.M.A.R.T Did.

EMIRAT’s S.M.A.R.T App responded via return message to confirm entry, whilst downloading the message data, checking the code and (in real time) checking the date stamp to see whether the entry was received during a ‘Winning Moment’.


Compared with the previous promotion Blue Nun ran last year, this activity out performed it by achieving 80% more consumer entries.