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Covering Tribe Lotto Jackpots

A social lotto game, offering the chance to win €100,000,000 twice a week!

The Game

TribeLotto is a social lotto game, offering the chance to win €100,000,000 twice a week.  Not only can you win with your own ticket but you are encouraged to build a ‘tribe’ whereby you invite friends and acquittances to increase your chances of winning.  Your tribe is then made up of the friends you have invited and the friends they have invited, and so on.

The Play

You then get to play with all the tickets within your tribe, and if a tribe member wins the Jackpot, you will win too, even if you do not have a single number correct on your own ticket!  You just need to have entered your ticket to that draw. So with the price of one line you can play with hundreds, even thousands of lotto lines! The correct winning combination of the numbers of the weekly TribeLotto main draw are the same numbers as in the Spanish BonoLoto’s Thursday draw.


EMIRAT underwrites all the lottery lines, also called bets, placed in TribeLotto with its Lotteries and Jackpot Guarantees. This means that EMIRAT guarantees all the winnings from the Jackpot to all the TribeWins.

What they said

‘Finding a supplier for us to meet our special business needs in Jackpot coverage did not feel like an easy task in the beginning.  From first contact with EMIRAT and their professional personnel, we were convinced we’d found a company with a shared interest in business. Their agility and flexibility to our approach, as well as the precise professional analysis on the special concept of ours, paved a natural path to our Agreement.  We feel EMIRAT is our partner, not just a supplier of professional services!”

Tribe Lotto

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