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A text and online instant win promotion, for a free lunch!

The Promotion

The promotion, which ran in the UK and ROI, was featured on 90,000,000 packs and offered consumers a 1 in 6 chance to win a free lunch, equivalent to a sandwich
meal deal.


Each promotional pack contained a unique 12-digit, alphanumeric, non-sequential URN. Consumers could either enter online or via text by inputting their email address and URN (text) or email address, mobile phone number and URN (online).


Winning participants received an automated email containing a 12-digit, unique winning claim code and instructions with a link to the claim webpage to select one of three available claim routes; Website Upload, Shopitize App or Posted Coupon.


If the consumer selected either the Web Upload or the Shopitize claim route, they then had 14 days to make their purchase and upload a valid till receipt to receive a refund of their lunch, up to a maximum of £4.00.

Those consumers selecting the Posted Coupon, were sent a printed coupon to the value of £4.00 which was valid for 14 days.


EMIRAT provisioned the SMS entry platform in both the UK and ROI and linked it with the branded promotional website, which EMIRAT also built and maintained. Both entry platforms were linked to EMIRAT’s security server which housed the algorithm, awarding wins on a 1 in 6 basis.

EMIRAT covered the entirety of the financial risk and funded winning claims with its fixed fee coverage. EMIRAT provided full handling and fulfilment of the prize claims and also managed and contracted the involvement of the third parties involved in the promotion.

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