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      Gaming Coverage Services

      Promotional marketing specialists offering a full range of services.


      Lotteries have always been attractive propositions, to both players and providers. They provide the means to win a life changing amount of money, the lure of which providers leverage in order to make a profit.

      Don’t Gamble on Your Own Lottery


      70% of the UK’s over 18’s play the lottery on a regular basis.

      Higher Jackpots,
      Lower Risk.

      Jackpot Guarantees

      Attract players to specific games with enticing jackpots, which don’t drop in value, even immediately after a win! We understand that a drop in value, equals a drop in interest, which ultimately results in a drop in play.


      The higher the jackpot, the greater the number of plays and ticket sales will be. Irrespective of the odds.

      Scratch Cards

      Whether in print or online, EMIRAT will work with you to create a Scratch Card game with a spectacular headline and a prize pool covered by our coverage solutions.

      Scratch Cards Created By Specialists

      Encourage More With on The Spot Prizes.

      Table Games

      If you are looking to encourage more interest in particular table games, offering spot prizes or large bonuses during special hands can be an effective way of raising divisibility of a game and increasing play.

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