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Lotteries & Jackpot Coverage

Better Jackpot. Bigger Profit.

As a global partner of over 50 lottery and gaming operators, we know that the higher the jackpot on offer, the more customers engage with you. EMIRAT enables its clients to offer multi-million currency prizes with the confidence that, in the event of a jackpot win, the financial burden is removed from their balance sheet.

Coverage Without Ambiguity.

We understand that when running a business in the online lottery and gaming sector, you rely heavily on customer confidence in your ability to pay out jackpots. EMIRAT’s coverage is backed by our Underwriting partners who are all triple A rated, so you can be assured there will always be an ability to pay a jackpot win, no matter the value.

Fixed Costs. Flexible Coverage.

Whether your products will be a secondary lottery, mirroring an official state lottery jackpot or an entirely separate arrangement, EMIRAT provides highly scalable and cost-effective risk transfer solutions. These allow gaming operators to maximise revenues with the biggest international lottery jackpots, online slots and table games, all at a fixed cost and with zero risk. Furthermore, EMIRAT provides a developer-friendly and easy to integrate API, to help you to get started with ticket and bet selling within minutes.


Maintain Play.

The prize fund on a lot of casino or odds based games is generally linked to the revenue derived from that particular game. Therefore it doesn’t come as any surprise, that when there is a jackpot winner on a particular game, continued play on that game drops considerably until the jackpot is of an enticing size again. To combat this, EMIRAT can guarantee a jackpot to avoid any lack of interest or enthusiasm in that particular game or area of the casino. More importantly, coverage can be turned on or off depending on revenue generated on the game, so when you have generated sufficient revenue to cover the jackpot yourselves, EMIRAT’s coverage will turn off, ultimately saving you money on jackpot coverage.

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