Scratch Cards

Choose Your Prize Pool.

Whether you want to offer cash prizes, cars, holidays or experiences; they can be fully covered because the awarding of these prizes are generally based on probabilities that can be calculated mathematically or worked out on the basis of statistics and experience. The Scratch Cards can each have the same prize value or tiered prize values, meaning the prize available to be won can be as much as a game of chance as the game itself.

Make Winners.

Winners can be forced in order to guarantee a certain number of winners and happy players! Third party offers such as hotel stays or free meals at local restaurants can be also be included within the prize offerings to attract outside investment and to enhance the prizes available.

Stick Within Your Budget.

The opportunity to win big does not mean that you need a big budget. With EMIRAT’s prize coverage we can stretch your budget to offer even bigger and better prizes, whilst at the same time giving you the security and peace of mind that your bottom line is protected if the prizes are won.

Put simply; if there's a winner, EMIRAT pays, not you!