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Conditional Cash Back Promotions

If it happens, get your money back!

The Condition

The number of conditions to use for a cash back promotion are limitless. Utilise sports events, the weather, the lottery, anything that relies on chance can be factored into a conditional cash back promotion. For example:

  • If it rains more than 10 inches this summer.
  • If England wins the world cup.
  • If the Euro Millions Lottery reaches the maximum rollover.
  • If your new device develops an issue within its warranty period.

How it Works

Following their purchase the consumer is required to register themselves into the promotion, once done they will be able to claim their cash back if the certain condition is met. These claims are required to be within the promotional period to help ensure that returns are reduced within your business.

Routes of Entry

We can provide a large variety of entry methods. These include micro-sitessocial media, tracked contactless chips and mail-in promotions. The customer is required to use these methods of entry to complete the registration and claim process.


If a team Sky rider wins the Tour De France we’ll refund all Gatorade purchases made before 29th June.

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