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Fixed-Fee Promotions
& Prize Coverage

Increase Sales, Decrease Risk

Fixed-fee promotions is a term used to describe fixed pricing for a shopper marketing promotion or incentive. This means we only charge for what prizes we believe will be won, cash back claimed, or gift redeemed. By managing the associated financial risk, we enable you to create impactful and positive offers, incentives and rewards without any exposure to you.

Better Rewards at Better Prices

Not only does EMIRAT’s fixed-fee promotions help protect your budget from spiralling redemptioncash back or coupon costs. We can maximise your budget, offer more rewards and supersize engagement. For example, by putting the onus on the purchaser to claim their gift or reward, you can benefit from the savings of those that don’t bother. Meaning a lower overall cost, or that you’re able to afford a more attractive offering in the first place.

We’ll Work it Out

Using the odds of winning, big value prizes are possible with even the most modest of budgets. With EMIRAT’s prize coverage we can stretch your budget to offer even bigger and better prizes at the same time giving you the security and peace of mind knowing your bottom line is protected if the prizes are won.

Making it Happen

Why not take advantage of our expertise to ensure your promotion fits within the budget available? EMIRAT will work with you in tailoring the promotional variables ensuring that you get the promotion you want, whilst creating a workable solution that meets all your requirements.

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