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Fixed-Fee Promotions

Frequently Asked Questions about Fixed-fee Promotions

Learn about fixed-fee promotions and how they work below.

What is a fixed-fee promotion?

A fixed-fee promotion allows you to offer bigger, better and more prizes or rewards for a fraction of the their potential cost. By only charging you for what we believe will be won or claimed, we are able to provide you with a fixed quote for your promotion.  This fixed fee is then all you will pay, regardless of how many prizes are actually won or claimed.

What are the benefits?

A fixed-fee promotion has a huge range of benefits:

  • Never go over budget
  • Offer better incentives
  • Get more help with the promotion
  • Work with promotion experts

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What are the pitfalls?

Although a fixed-fee promotion has many benefits, there are also some other traits to keep in mind.

  • Reduced freedom
  • Cover can be invalidated
  • An unsuccessful promotion could leave you out of pocket

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How long does it take to setup a fixed-fee promotion?

This greatly depends on how complex the fixed fee promotion is. If there is websites to build, stock to order and handling processes to set up, it will take a number of weeks to put this in place. If we are simply covering the cost of your promotion, this coverage can be set up within a matter of days.

How is the price of a fixed-fee promotion decided?

The fixed-fee is decided by taking key factors of the promotion and analysing them against historical data to determine the likely response or take up of the offer. Alternatively, it could be the odds or probability of someone winning a prize which is used to determine the cost. In either case, you can be assured our fees are expertly calculated, accurate and fair.

How is the risk decided?

Fixed-fee promotions carry a lot of risk to the companies that offer the service such as EMIRAT. The key factors of the promotion such as the offer itself, how people get to know about it, how people participate and the ease of this participation, will help us determine the likely take up and therefore the cost.  The effect each one of these factors has is judged using historical data from hundreds of comparable promotions.

How do I launch a fixed-fee promotion?

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