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Prize Promotions

It’s a Matter of Chance.

Prize promotions can be based on skill, chance or response rates. So, whether the prizes are cash, cars, holidays or experiences, they can be fully covered at a cost less than their value because winning can be based on probability. These odds of winning can be calculated mathematically or worked out on the basis of statistics and experience.

Bigger and Better Prizes.

Using the odds of winning, big value prizes are possible with even the most modest of budgets. With EMIRAT’s prize coverage we can stretch your budget to offer even bigger and better prizes at the same time giving you the security and peace of mind knowing your bottom line is protected if the prizes are won.

Instant Win.

The most utilized form of prize promotion is an instant win. So called because the purchaser or entrant instantly knows whether they have won or not. This can be operated via a few different methods, the most instant being printed on the pack; they open or remove the packaging to discover a winning or losing message.

Digital Entry.

The win can be determined by texting a code, entering online or via social media and receiving back a message confirming whether they are a winner or not. The key here is providing an instant response, and in the 21st century, no one wants to wait for anything!

Text to Win.

A text to win promotion involves your customer receiving a unique code with their purchase, detailed on the packaging or receipt etc. This code is then sent via text message to a short-code number, it is checked in real time and a message is sent back advising if and what has been won. Text to win can be used as a stand-alone promotion or along with other routes of entry for the same campaign; alongside a click to win for example.

Text to win is also the perfect route to entry when using our nth number or winning moments promotional methods. In the age of the smart phone, offering mobile phone entry, is key to running a successful promotion. Instantly accessible, quick and simple this promotional tool is not one to be overlooked!


Click to Win.

A click to win promotion, as it suggests, uses an online checking system. The customer finds a code (or similar) on pack, visits a promotional website and enters it to see if and what they have won. The beauty of a click to win promotion is that, not every single pack will be ‘played’, which allows you to stretch your budget and offer some exciting prizes. Or take a very small budget and create a really successful promotion.

The format can be adapted to work in lots of different and interesting ways. Every promoter wants to be different and have the buzz of an exciting promotion. Why not tie in a coupon, adopt magic moments or guarantee a certain level of top prizes are won?! The possibilities are endless with this proven, adaptable promotional method.

Scratch to Win.

Scratch cards are a fantastic way to offer big, exciting rewards and prizes. They are priced and calculated purely on probability, meaning we can play with different elements, like the number of panels to scratch and prizes available, to make it work for your brand and budget.

Scratch cards can be an ideal way to make the most from a modest budget. The possibilities are huge! Not only available in physical form, we are able to create an online version of a scratch card, allowing you to reinvent the more traditional scratch card format and turn it into a digital game.

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