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Redemption Promotions

Cost Effective Benefit.

Redemption promotions are certainly more cost effective than providing something immediately present in or on pack. By putting the onus on the purchaser to claim their gift, you can benefit from the savings of those that don’t. Meaning a lower budget or you being able to afford a more attractive overall offering.

Let’s Make it Work.

Whether it’s a natural reinforcement of your brand – a coffee brand offering a mug, for example – or taking advantage of a license agreement with a well-known character, EMIRAT have a wealth of experience in the how to construct a hugely successful promotion.

Your Concept, Your Budget.

EMIRAT will work with you in tailoring the promotional variables ensuring that you get the redemption promotion you want within the budget you have. We can look at the number of purchases (or tokens) needed in order to claim, postage contributions by the claimant, the overall redemption process and length of time the promotion will run, in order to create a workable solution that meets all of your requirements. In addition, our solutions are end-to-end, which include everything from sourcing to fulfilment.


Gift With Purchase.

A gift with purchase redemption promotion means that the claimant purchases once in order to claim their reward. A great way to encourage purchase, claimants use their receipt, code, token or equivalent to claim their reward. This could be anything from an annual cinema ticket pass to a Hotel Stay to a soft toy! You name it, we have probably done it!


A collector promotion is an excellent tool to encourage and build in repeat purchase. In this scenario customers, need to repeatedly purchase and collect a specified number of receipts, codes, tokens or similar, in order to be eligible to claim their reward. The rewards can also be anything – football supporter’s packs, cereal bowls, spa treatments, back to school equipment. The possibilities are endless…

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