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Sports Promotions

What is This?

EMIRAT can show you how you can use the sporting world to your advantage when running your next promotion. Tap into that hysteria around a sporting competition and take your promotion to a whole new level.

Any Tournament.

Whether you are looking at the Football World Cup, Rugby World Cup, International Cricket Tests, the Olympics, the Grand National, Wimbledon or any other sporting competition, we will work with you to create the most creative and successful promotion to fit any objective..

Sponsors & Partnerships.

If you are an official sponsor or partner of the tournament, what better way to leverage that sponsorship than to run a promotion?! Furthermore, with full access to the registered trademarks and copyrighted material, you can widen the appeal of the promotion even further by adding additional countries and options to the promotion without any legal pitfalls.

Non-sponsors & Partnerships.

Not a sponsor but want to run a sports themed promotion? Well this is still possible but you have to be careful not to use any trademarks or copyrighted material. EMIRAT can give you guidance on the best way to create an exciting promotion without infringing the rights of the official sponsors and partners of the tournament.

Fixed fee.

What’s more we will cap your financial exposure so you needn’t spend any more than your original budget and in the event of a winner, the responsibility of paying out lies solely with us.

Predictor Promotions.

If you ask your customers to predict the winner, finalists, final score, winning team or individual – you can offer fantastic prizes as a result. The more detailed and complex the prediction, the better the prize and or lower the cost of the promotion to you. Depending on your budget, you may consider customers plotting every game on route to the final. Lengthening the odds and reducing your fee in the process.

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