Sports Promotions

Perform Bigger. Better. Smarter.


  • Bigger.
  • Better.
  • Smarter.
  • Bigger.

Gold Bar

Offer a lucky fan the chance to win thousands in one single kick.


We enable you to deliver events and promotions that create impact and drive consumers
to purchase without the financial risks that can jeopardize your bottom line.
In short, we provide affordable ways to provide unaffordable rewards!

Hole in One

Offer a prize of £1,000,000 for a hole in one at a fixed fee of just £25,000.


Offer a fantastic game of chance to greatly increase the appeal of your golf tournament.

Performance Bonus

Reward your team for great performance without the financial stress.


Team bonuses can improve results by as much as 20% when compared with individual bonuses.

Performance Bonus

Whether you are a club, association or sponsor, budgeting for performance bonuses can be tricky. EMIRAT takes the head ache out of rewarding performance with our specially arranged cover.


62% is the average impact of a performance related incentive, linked to ticket and merchandise sales.

Revenue Protection

Insure yourself against losses and poor performance to keep consistent profit.

Revenue Protection

Let’s face it, we can never guarantee a good performance in sport! And a poor performance in turn causes a loss of income to your company. Media rights, prize money, ticket receipts and sponsorship income are just some of the revenue streams that depend on a team or athlete’s success.