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What is Hole in One?

The official definition of a Golf hole in one is a shot that enters the hole from the tee, with no intervening shots. Hole in ones usually occur on a par 3, are considered rare, and, although skill definitely increases the probability, there is a great element of luck involved.

Par 3 Hole in One

Offer a fantastic game of chance to greatly increase the appeal of your golf tournament. EMIRAT’s hole in one coverage will help you add some excitement to the day by enabling you to offer a massive prize for a hole in one, without having to worry about a huge pay-out.

We even provide tee dressing, signage and adjudication where required.

Ask for a Quotation

Simply select one par 3 on the course, tell us the number of players, the length of the hole and the value of the prize, and we will calculate the cost of your package.

Coverage starts from just a few pounds per golfer!  For example, 100 amateur golfers, on a 165 yard hole, with a £10,000 car as a prize; the cost would be £275.00. That is just £2.75 per golfer!

Putting Competitions

Why not offer a Putting Contest as part of your golf day? These can be a great way to generate additional revenue and create fundraising opportunities for your charity.

Challenge your contestants to sink a number of putts in a row or simply a putt from a long distance. In any case, EMIRAT will assume full responsibility should someone make the winning putt.

Golf Clubs, Boost Your Numbers!

With membership numbers and green fees continuing to fall, we can offer you a new source of revenue that involves no risk to your club. Offer a chargeable, permanent hole in one, to increase play and supplement your income.

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