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Performance Bonus

Why Use Performance Bonus?

Financial constraints or even regulation can often influence the use of performance incentives to pay players and athletes, particularly if results can affect financial income to the club or association. It is also quite common place for sponsors linked to teams or individuals to reward based on performance or results, as they will most likely benefit most from the affiliation with a successful team or athlete.

The Cover.

Cover bonuses paid to a professional team or individual should they meet pre-determined win or placement objectives. Our performance bonus cover enables a sponsor or owner to set the budget for the payment of bonuses, rather than having a large potential liability on the balance sheet.

Minimise Risk.

EMIRAT will insure the financial risks associated with bonus payments. Just a one premium, usually a fraction of the potential cost, will minimize your financial risk as we will then take responsibility for payment of bonuses on your behalf.

If you would like to know more about how our bonus cover could work for you, please contact us today to discuss further.

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