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We’re proudly supporting Supershoes, donating and fundraising to help this incredible charity.

They create amazing hand-painted bespoke trainers for children fighting cancer.

Who are Supershoes?

These shoes have such a positive effect on the children and their families. When each Super Kid receives their Supershoes, they are reminded of who they are, what they love, what makes them unique. They reconnect with their identity and appreciate that they aren’t just their illness, they are so much more.

Their families see, sometimes for the first time in a long time, a smile, joy, hope.  When a child puts their Supershoes on, they have the motivation, a reason if you like, to get up and take vital steps; to their next treatment, out of their hospital bed, to play…  Whatever it is, wherever it is, Supershoes help children find their feet.

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